We help you get your shop up and running in just 60 minutes

It will only take 4 simple steps to add another commerce channel to your shop. Together with our implementation manager we go through the signup process effortlessly, so you can enjoy all the WhatsApp shopping cart functionalities.

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Making a C24 account

The first step to sell products on WhatsApp, is to create an account on our Conversation24 platform. In this account we will link all parts together to make everything work seamlessly.



Creating a WhatsApp Business account

In step two, we create a WhatsApp Business account. This is the account you can start selling with. Even if you already have a provider for WhatsApp Business API, we can easily port this phone number in just 5 minutes.



Connecting Facebook Catalog

The next step is to create a Facebook Catalog. We help you set up the catalog through one of the integrations or a simple .csv-file. Once this is connected to us, we can load your catalog inside Conversation24.


Adding a payment provider

In the last step, we just have to connect a payment provider. It’s as easy as adding your API key and connecting it to our WhatsApp catalog function inside Conversation24. Now you’re ready to receive payments through WhatsApp!


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