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Long Waiting Time with Busy Phone Lines? Add Live Chat

One of the biggest customer satisfaction detractors is the waiting time on your voice channels. “There are 13 people in front of you” – some people immediately drop out. And your dropped call KPI goes up, along with the negative feedback you receive from these customers.

Of course, there are various ways to improve your customer experience under these circumstances. One of them is adding a “chat-escalation” to your IVR-architecture. In plain English: this is the option that customers who are calling from a cellular number will get. They will hear “Press 1” to receive an SMS-message in which a WhatsApp click-to-chat URL is included.

This is not only adhering to the preference of 68% of consumers for a chat over phone and email (State of messaging, 2019) but also allows you to further improve the efficiency of your customer care department. Our insights show that experienced chat operators can do up to 5 / 6 chats simultaneously. And the average chat duration is 30-40% lower than a regular phone call. Forbes estimated in 2017 the industry for customer care is a staggering 350 Billion USD, so saving costs is always interesting – especially when it increases customer happiness.

Add live chat to your customer service channels and lower the waiting time today!


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