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4 Ways to Get To Know Your Customers Better

If you already know at which stages in the customer journey you can connect with your customers, it’s time to find out how you can do that. Luckily for you, there are quite a few good options you can choose from. Read below 4 of these ways and why they work.

Popular messaging tools allow for using memes, GIFs, videos, and emojis that helps to keep the conversation light and boosts customer engagement.


1. Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most popular communication channels. It’s easy to use and lets customers get answers immediately through the retailer’s website. This feature gives it a big advantage over email or phone. Live chat enables one agent to chat with two, or even three, customers at a time, and because of that, brands can reduce the wait time and boost customers’ satisfaction.

Live chat apps have huge ecommerce potential, too. You can use it to proactively engage customers visiting your website and to connect with customers who are shy and who otherwise wouldn’t ask for your help. After the ice is broken, you can guide the customer on your website and offer personalised recommendations that can help them choose the product.


2. Chatbots

A chatbot is software that helps users by providing answers to their questions via text messages. Chatbots can chat with multiple users at the same time and provide information within seconds around the clock. What’s more, you can implement them on both websites and messaging platforms. This allows for delivering a conversational experience at different stages of the customer journey via channels that are natural for particular stages.

All these functionalities have made chatbots a very popular form of conversational commerce, too. Brands use it to connect with customers with relatively low effort. Additionally, unlike traditional apps, chatbots don’t require users to learn how they work. You can ask them about the status of your last order, reschedule your flight, or check the location of the nearest store in a matter of a few clicks. This has made them more popular among less tech-savvy customers.


3. Messaging Apps

A messaging app, like Messenger or WhatsApp, is a chat platform that lets you exchange instant messages. Consumers are eagerly using them because of their private communication, to contact brands, or for online shopping. These apps have actually outpaced social networks. They are getting 20% more users than social media platforms.

Moreover, popular messaging tools allow for using memes, GIFs, videos, and emojis that helps to keep the conversation light and boosts customer engagement. That’s why brands use messaging apps. They help create much more personal and natural customer communication, and that translates into higher conversion rates. Data shows that 70% of emotionally engaged customers spend twice as much with brands they have an emotional connection with versus those who they don’t.



4. Voice Assistants

A voice assistant is a type of software that is activated by voice commands and that answers users’ questions. Voice assistants, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, or Siri, are becoming a more and more popular feature in many electronic devices. Customers love them because they are convenient, bring fun, and let them multitask.

The growing popularity of voice assistants encourages brands to use them in their marketing and customer service strategies. Voice assistants can offer fast answers or direct searchers to your website, which will help you to increase your brand awareness.

If you also want to get to know your customers better, we might be able to help you with that. Contact us for more information, or start your 30 day free trial with our communication software now!

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